Saturday, April 23, 2016

Alam Kotok Island

In between the islands so that the purpose of tourism in the Thousand Islands, the island is still natural Kotok counted. Clean air, birds singing shouted, even if lucky we can see the lizards that roam freely.
Kotok island is divided into two sectors, is "Kotok West" (Kotok Kul Kul) and Kotok east (Kotok Coconut). However, for the last one has been closed to the public. Unlike other islands in the Thousand Islands, the beauty Kotok maintained. The island is not done not a little restoration and renovation of trendy as neighboring islands. But, it's where the uniqueness of Kotok Island. For enjoying the beauty of the island, we must take advantage of the sea journey with the speedboat from pier 15 in Ancol.

Travel time to the island ranging from 1.5 to 2 hours, depending on the category of the speedboat that ready. Hours of departure is at 8 am and is expected travelers who come not too late. Friday & Saturday week, the HRI many visitors. Therefore, if you intend to visit the island in those days, should revervasi done two weeks at the beginning. Because the accommodation in this area, very limited. There is only one inn here that Alam Kotok Resort, which will take care of transportation for PP Kotok Island.
The island is also an exception was made as a tourist destinations but the location is the preservation of flora and fauna. To prevent the extinction of the managers of the island prohibits visitors to damage, disturb or take the flora and fauna that are in Kotok Island and surrounding areas.

Interestingly this island, our presence not only welcomed by the resort and island residents, but also by a lizard that lives in the wild. The lizards roam freely around the beach. Slow, monitor this pretty tame really. Just because you can get used to seeing the people, he had no time to bother tourists who sunbathe or play on the beach. Not only lizards who became residents of the beach, a variety of birds such as crows are not rare look at some of the island.
20 bungalows available for accommodating tourists who can stay. One room for two people capacity. And interestingly, there are bungalows in the trees. You can call it a tree house. From here on, we were able to watch the expanse of sea is so vast. The fruit of experience exceptional. An experience that fantastic. You can find this bungalow that request special.

HRI in the middle of the night, we could see the ornamental fish elegant swimming there to please. Fish is shining in the middle of the night and reflect HRI colorful which is great. You can give them food. Quite aside some bread that we eat. I think the fish are quite familiar with travelers. Because they can be very, very straight ahead of the surface water so watch visitors at the end of the pier. They danced as if to welcome us to be fed. Average fish gathered in the shallow waters. Unless there is a fish-sea sea cucumbers preserved.

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